So what do the experts say….

I had the privilege of having a chat with a dedicated and passionate Real Estate Agent just the other day, Damian Portaro. What a perfect way to get an insight into what is expected, what is appreciated and what exactly ticks all the boxes when you present your property for sale. This guy lives and breathes Real Estate and he bloody amazing at what he does. What is more, Real Estate Agents work for both sides of the story. They see the ins and outs of personalities, emotions, dynamics and yep.. I am guessing the good, the bad and …you get the jist. But kudos to the Realtors, they stay positive, upbeat and are sooo patient. So you can imagine the excitement they must feel when everything just goes right! Right for the people that sweat it to sell. Right for the buyer who has found what they were looking for. Right for these guys, the agents, that go home to their families each day. Feelin the love? I’m putting it out there. πŸ™‚ I appreciate this tricky business we call property investing. But it’s a feel good industry. WE LOVE IT!

So to the insights. Damian was amazing to talk to. He understood how presentation is everything. So when I asked what EXACTLY could it achieve, he advised that is could easily give you 5% on your sale price! Holy toledo! So for a $300k sale…that’s $15k! For a $700k property..that’s a new car!!! But one thing we discussed was, it isn’t just about the bonus $$. It is creating a home for someone to fall inlove with. So the potential buyer can see this home as theirs. So they can walk in and feel like it is home. They want it and want it bad! What does that do? It creates a bidding war, it creates an emotional response. It sells fast!!! Which is all good!!! Totally good. No-one is being ripped here. It’s all about positive lifestyles. We are all in this. It is worth the investment. It is worth the effort. It is worth the look. It is worth the let go. It’s worth getting right.


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