Some days just don’t like me….

Yep it was one of those days.  So tempted to allow the bee in the bonnet get the better of me.  You know what it’s like, you schedule something in and it’s going according to plan, days pass and you wake up with it all still on track.  Then the phone call at 8:30am.  ‘Um Shonah, sorry but we have only just looked at your job order this morning and we can’t actually do it…it has to be outsourced’  UGHH!  FACE PALM! no no no.  They said they could!  They said it will be ok. It was supposed to be ready in a day or two ready for the install!! The pressure is on, the deadline for opening is Tuesday and everything else is scheduled around it.  It affects everything!

So what to do?  Well there is nothing else we can do.  Shopping and ordering over Easter weekend is pointless, we aren’t going to get anything any sooner.  So we push on.  We make do for now.  We pick up the pieces off the floor and get on the blower and reschedule the best we can.  We move things around, we plead our case to those that are shirty and win back their love, we get shit done!  So I did, just that.  And right now at 6pm in the evening of the day that didn’t play the game so fair, I still won.  It isn’t working how I wanted it to but it is still working, it’s just different.  That’s ok.

Time to put my feet up, close the diary and schedules and enjoy the night…the night’s are always my friend.

It’s always a choice how to react.  I choose not to be an ass about it to the provider.  It doesn’t change a thing.  Positive actions lead to positive outcomes.  A brand new day awaits tomorrow and we work towards a beautiful space.

The road always leads to a beautiful place, no matter how bumpy it gets.


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  1. Love this piece….so true for so many aspects of life as well. Control the controllable and adjust to the uncontrollable. Feel like renovating for profit just to test myself!

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