Like a moth to a flame….

Us humans share this amazing phenomenon with our winged friends…we love beautiful things.  It is fact.  When we are surrounded by wonderment, it evokes feel good emotions.  I absolutely love the science and spirituality behind this stuff.  It is so interesting to me.  Like the colour green for example.  A German study revealed that looking at different shades of green, it induced creativity and motivation while giving a sense of peace and positiveness.  Given that we live in a world where our nourishment and growth comes from vegetation, it makes sense!  When you go spend time at the sea.  How do you feel?  For most of us, we feel energised, happy, inspired and calm.  That is because we get an amazing healthy dose of negative ions that give us these feelings as we are standing there in awe of the beauty.  Creating spaces with blue hues imitates these feelings and can alleviate stress and depression.  It’s pretty amazing stuff.

So our natural responses are to find beauty and surround ourselves with the things that make us feel good about ourselves and the direction life is taking.  To be positive and in tune.  I often talk to my clients about colour choices.  Sometimes they are overwhelmed and confused on what the trend is saying and what they really like.  Creating spaces that tap into the feel good emotions is a sure-fire way to bring interest to your property. (Fire…get it..flame..ahh I amuse myself sometimes).  Where was I…oh yeah..  It is no good styling your home according to the ‘colour of the year’ if it doesn’t resonate with you or if it just doesn’t work!  You can’t force that shit and if everyone did this, we would walk into every home the same.  How dull would life be?!

Choosing colour is more than just fashion.  It’s deeper than that.  It is supposed to make you feel good! So find what you are attracted to and go with it!  Guaranteed if you feel amazing, the space IS amazing.  Let the law of attraction guide you.   Create a sanctuary for someone.  They are already looking for the flame, you just need to let that beauty shine so bright they are drawn and never want to leave!

Start it at the front door!  Then mesmerize them as they walk through.  SOLD!  Boom Baby!


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