Ceramic Vs Porcelain



So here is the thing.  Tiles are AMAZING!  But do you get a bit overwhelmed for choice?  Does it concern you about which is the right decision…to choose a porcelain tile opposed to a ceramic one?

Tile terminology can be confusing.  I worked in a tile shop many moons ago and I understand how hard it is to be confident in the decisions you are faced.  Here is the run down WITHOUT getting into how they are made. Just the small and logic of it.

Ceramic tiles are cheaper.  They have various colour choices and shapes which used effectively can give a gorgeous look to walls.  I say walls as they are restricted to a size and because of their rounded edges, grout lines are bigger. Which is ok, however it isn’t desirable in high traffic area’s such as floors. Not only does it look like a grid, grout is porous and will attract stains.  However, splash backs and shower walls can be beautifully styled with these babies.  It’s all about placement and colour in this scenario. A ceramic floor?  If you happen to chip a tile from dropping something on it or movement…the clay underneath the colour shows.

Porcelain tiles do attract a higher price tag.  But to me, they are worth it for the luxury.  Straight edges mean very thin grout lines. Look for ‘rectified’ tiles for the thinnest grout line possible. They also come in oversize..again lux! They have amazing textures and polishes. As a floor, porcelain are my preferred choice.  Semi-polished or natural at that!  Less slippery!  If you happen to chip a tile….it HAPPENS!..then the colour underneath the first layer is exactly the same.  Less obvious.

Whether you choose porcelain or ceramic, be selective.  Get to know styles and options and match it to the character of the home and concept you wish to achieve. Make sure you measure twice, order once.  It is heartbreaking if you get this wrong and you need extra tiles and the dilot/batch is no longer available.  It sucks!  Makes everything sooooo much harder!

Hope this helps to keep things simple my gorgeous ones.  Please comment below or ask some questions.  I am here to help always my loves!

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