Where is the value?

When deciding whether to invest in styling your home to sell…consider this.  Where is the true value here?  Yes $$ is a big factor.  You want to make money for sure.  But if you think of it logically, how much money is it costing you sitting on the market for months and months….and months.  How many frustrating Open Houses will you do later?  It takes up your weekend right?  The cleaning, organising the kids, putting the dog and cat in the car and driving around for the 45 mins to an hour while it is ‘Open’, not to mention the freaking washing that you didn’t get to and is now piled in the boot to make it look like you are organised!  Oh and should the kids play with their toys…..  Oh man, don’t worry I have been there back in the day!

So where is the value?  For all of the Clients I have been privileged to help, and my own selling campaigns…the value is creating a home that people fall in love with and take off your hands as quickly as possible.  It isn’t cheating or creating bad vibes fobbing something off!  Noooo!  You are just ready for your next chapter in your life yeah?  Ready to move on.  The buyers are going to love their new chapter too in their new home (your old one).  But babes, do this transition from on the market to settlement for as little time possible so that you don’t have to run yourself ragged!  So that you can get that next house you want, so that you don’t have two mortgages on the go for all this time, so that you can be free!!!  Whatever your circumstance, I just know you want it sold quickly.  We all do.

Weigh it up.  What does investing in strategically styling your house to sell mean for you? What outcome do you want and what will you do to get it?  Trust me, if you are open to investing in yourself, people are open to investing in what you offer.  And when that house looks so amazing that people are fighting for it….then guess what?…you make your return on investment.  You just have to watch the lifestyle channels to know that emotional attachment creates abundance, for everyone! The buyers.  The Vendors.

Be the next success story.  Multiply your chances. You have got this!

Shon xx

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