My 5 TOP pre-sale processes that get my clients RESULTS!

Hey babes,

It’s time to step it up a notch!  It can be a fluffy thing we call styling.  It is about making nice and pretty and warm and inviting. However, there is something that is even bigger than that!  It’s about FEELINGS.  Totally about feelings.  I styled a house last week to put on the market.  The marketing shots were taken and midweek it went online.  The first open for inspection was Saturday.  WOW!  I had one very excited Vendor call me to tell me they had a record number of people through the home.  The agent had to kick some people out (in a gentle loving way of course) as they kept walking back in! They did not want to leave! **Feeling.  The agent himself said that he wanted to live there!  It felt so good!  **Feeling

By late afternoon, I received news that the Vendors had MULTIPLE offers!  Yep Multiple!  All above the expected sale price! The offers came from people that fell in love with this home and wanted it to be theirs.  **Feeling

The Vendors, well they just made a Return on Investment tenfold and feel so excited and light and free and inspired.  **More feels

So, whichever buyer was lucky enough to snap it, they can celebrate.  My clients, already celebrating.  The Agent, he too will celebrate.  WIN WIN WIN.

Don’t miss out on the amazing opportunities styling to sell can present.  What does it cost you?  Ask yourself ‘What does it cost you NOT to’?

I am offering you these 5 pre-sale processes so you too can have a fabulous outcome!  It’s so amazing what this can help you do.  Lean into it and let’s go!

004A8239 MY TOP 5..

5.  Choose an Agent that fits!  One that understands the importance of getting it right and will give you time to accomplish it.  Agree to a time frame that is realistic to have it right before the photographers come in.  Sometimes it takes a few weeks.  But if that is what you need..then take it.  However, if you have made the decision, then go with the universe and do this as swiftly as you can.  Procrastination won’t get you what you desire.  Commit to playing full out!

4.  Set your intention for your style concept. Understand the dynamic of the market.  Learn what trends your buyers are attracted to. You won’t be able to please everybody, but making a clear decision on who you want to market to will serve you better come Open days.  Choose your furniture placement, the accents and the art to fit together to create an amazing atmosphere! Make it cosy for Winter and breezy and light for Summer.  Design it so it FEELS positive and lure them to want to stay there and emotionally fall for it.  It really does become a love affair.

3.  Plan!  This is going to save your ass! Write down exactly what you need to change and what stays.  A mood board for your styling intention will keep you on track with this.  Then you will understand how it is going to all come together.  Once you have done this, write out a plan of what actions need to be taken leading up to the first Open for Inspection. Depending on how much time you have, break it up into chunks of ‘To Do’s’.  Make allowances for days off to de-stress and for your commitments.  Set aside times in the coming weeks, when you can be focussed and productive.  This will help you avoid overwhelm.  Not to mention overspending!

2.  DECLUTTER!  Yep you will hear this over and over again, but this is really going to make a massive difference.  I know most of us don’t know even where to begin!  I am going to tell you.  You need to pretend you are already packing for your new home.  Boxes.  Tape.  Texta’s.  Pack it up.  All the trinkets, the photo’s (yes all photo’s).  You need to take your emotional attachment away.  If you need to, have a goodbye BBQ on a Sunday and decide that from that moment forward, you a creating a space for someone else.  I know nostalgia creeps in, but if you can detach from that for this period, things are going to be a whole lot easier for you.  Don’t make decorating decisions based on what you want.  From a place of love, your ‘want’ is now about the best possible result for you to move forward with the rest of your life.  A new house.  A new chapter.


Be OPEN to the possibilities!  It’s ok to be nervous and doubt yourself.  However, in my experience, the more you let go of any negativity surrounding you, you are removing it from the feel of your home.  The mood, the vibe and the FEELINGS will be what makes this Sale a success!

Achieve greatness my friends.  You so deserve this.

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Have an amazing day!!

Much love,

Shonah B xxx

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