How to let go of your tradie…

Pains pains pains me to say this.  I have too been let down by someone that is all gung ho and gives you promises they just can’t keep. To say they will be there, then they don’t show.  Or make an excuse day after day to not turn up.  All you asked for is a quote and positively given the impression, that yep you want them to work for you.  You want their business!  All you want is honesty.  Like a ‘Hey Shon, I really am pushing to get this job done for you this time’.  Freakin awesome! Honesty, integrity respect!  I would say ‘no sweat’ and would absolutely ask again for the next job.

Yep, they decided it was ok to put you off with a hope still in the air.  Never get back to you. When do YOU decide to let go?  Well for me it’s one more raw and honest attempt. ‘Hey, I know you are busy, but I am really tight with the time frame for this job. Just giving you the opportunity to say no this time and that’s OK.  It won’t stop me from using you again, I just need to look after myself (or my client) in this instance.  If you could let me know one way or the other today it would be greatly appreciated.’  A response would be admirable. No response… See ya later sunshine.

So what I have learned.  Trades persons own and run their own business.  They can do what they want with their time at their own will.  As we do.  They owe us nothing.  But!  They owe a working relationship everything.  If they cannot do that, then maybe it is time to move on to someone with passion, a will, a yearning, commitment and authenticity.

Honesty. Integrity. Authenticity.  Look and seek this.  It’s ok to be let down, but don’t let yourself down.  Stand up and choose who you want to work for you.  You have control. There are many many AMAZING Tradies out there.  Let’s support those that make life easier for us and in turn we make it easier and lucrative for them.  What goes around comes around right?


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