What are the differences with prints?

This is something a few of my clients have asked over the years as some would like Art hanging that is unique, others just like what they like and aren’t too phased if it’s printed by the masses.  There is no right or wrong in design either.  If it works and it looks good, then it doesn’t really matter, it is personal.

Prints are reproductions of original art using different methods but usually done by the artist themselves.  Generally, they will have limited editions of these prints to keep them rare and to have added value.  They may also be signed by the artist adding that little bit of extra authenticity.  Open editions, however, are just that.  Reproduced on a bigger scale, keeping the cost down for the consumer.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with an open edition print.  It just let’s most of us enjoy art on our walls that we can afford.

Posters are obviously cheap as they are printed with low quality ink so can fade within two years or so.  Keep that in mind when hanging something you really love.  It is worth spending that extra $ on a print.  But whatever you do, make it look stylish yeah?

Art is so variable in cost, however no matter how low or how high the price tag, it makes an amazing statement to your home!  I am a fan of oversize pieces!  Love them!

Embrace Art.  Go visit your local gallery, there is amazing stuff out there!!



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