Keep what you love, let go of the stuff!

Are you wondering where the heck do you start?  You know you need to de-clutter, there is stuff everywhere!  Your dining table looks like a dumping ground, actually it is a dumping ground!  If you look around your home, how much ‘stuff’ are you holding on to?  It is filling your home with clutter and every surface is full!  This has a massive impact on how you feel!  If your home is not functioning and looking how you dreamed it to be, it’s time to change that!  It can impact on how we interact with our co-habitors, the ones we love.

Time for change!

Fill your home with the things you LOVE!  So many of us hold onto ‘stuff’ for the sake of it.  It is too hard to throw it away, or move it on.  Remember it is not wasted if it goes to a new home, but you can’t hold onto things just because they are things!  If it doesn’t fit, doesn’t work, or if it’s just plain ugly…move that baby on!  You don’t want it really do you?  To sit there gathering dust and adding to your chaos. Be ruthless and ditch it!  You will feel amazing and bit by bit your home is going to feel freakin beautiful, full of the things you love and is a true reflection of who you are and how you and your family feel.

Find your style and stick to it!  It is supposed to feel like the best place on earth!!



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