Budgets, function and style

Ever bought cheap furniture before because you can’t stand the thought of spending money on something like a table when you could put that money towards something else? Did that piece of furniture turn to crap very quickly, leaving you with a wonky, unstable and now ‘cheap’ looking piece that gives you the absolute shits each time you go to use it? Is it really reflective of your style and how you want your home to feel?  Because!  To be honest, this happens all the time and people feel disharmony within their homes because things just..aren’t…working!!!! The one thing I tell people is this…You should really spend your money on the items you will use every day.  For example, your bed, your dining table and chairs and your sofa.  It is absolutely necessary to have quality with these things for a number of reasons.  Comfort for one!  This is where you congregate for meals and conversation, to lounge on to read, cuddle, watch tv…your downtime and there are a lot of reasons why you need a good bed. We all know them right?  (or maybe that is another blog for later 😉 )

So what do you budget on?  The other things that won’t get used as much.  The things that are cheap to replace should you need to.  The thing is, you won’t need to be replacing them as often as your items that you use everyday, they will last a while and they can look bloody amazing!!  Things like side tables, lamps, decorative pieces, occasional chairs.  There are many many items you can save money on and work them so they are still stylish and functional.  You can style on any budget.  But you need to make some smart choices on function.  Just remember you do get what you pay for.  Buying cheap will sometimes cost you.IMG_0867

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