The Colour Phenomenon…

…is inconsistency!  Yep it’s sometimes precarious.  One colour painted in 6 different homes will look like 6 different colours!  Not only does colour change in different lights as we know, but can vary from brand to brand, even when using formula’s.  This is why I always trust my paint guy.  The guy that has been mixing formula’s for 20 years.  Or the dude at the paint shop who is passionate about paint!  You can usually tell because they ask questions about what you desire and will be consistent with their knowledge.

Don’t let this worry you…pfft you have so got this.  So here are a few quick tips to help you select the right colour for you as well as a short video to show you why it is important not to take short cuts and choose off a paint card.


  • Always look at paint swatches/test painted surface outside (not in direct sunlight) as it will give you a true indication of the colour – particularly if you are choosing exterior paint!  Fluorescent lights change things dramatically.
  • Always choose a colour that YOU are drawn to.  Don’t be talked into going for a neutral light colour so your room will appear larger.  If you want dark…go dark!  Make bold courageous decisions based on your taste and style.  Who care’s if your room will look cosy?  That’s beautiful!
  • Always take your time deciding.  It can be a costly mistake.
  • Always ask an expert if you are unsure, that is what we love, that is what we do, that is why we do it, to help you…because we love making you feel happy!!

So here is the vid. Just click the link… catchya!

Watch Video Here

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