Life isn’t all Beer and Skittles

So here is the thing…. I actually get the pain, the blood, sweat and tears you experience when you are renovating or an owner builder.  I actually get how hard it is to achieve things when life gets in the way.  Yeah I have a designer badge and I can help make people’s dreams come alive, but it wasn’t just because I studied and had a great job as a designer/colour consultant for major building companies.  It was also because renovating and building my dream home was my passion and with that I rolled my sleeves up and I did it.  I spent hours pulling up carpet nails from all the floorboards in every room. I spent months stripping back windows and weatherboards with a heat gun and a full on industrial breathing mask on that looked like I was straight out of Ghost busters….yep it was that hideous.  I wanted to give up.  I wanted to cry…actually I did cry.  I pulled down walls with a rope (at a distance)..I cleaned up mouse and pigeon shit from rafters, I broke nails, got sun burnt, forgot to eat and had many blews with my partner as we were trying to live the dream.  We had a vision with this old 1890’s cedar brick home, that it was going to be so beautiful and to be our forever home.  Some nights sitting on the verandah beams that were to be stripped and repainted with a nice sunset and a beer in our hand looking over our work for the day, it felt good.  I felt like I was accomplishing some days.  However, other days I just wanted to say ‘F*@k This!’ and quit!

Half way through, I found out I had a little beautiful surprise growing inside and that stopped me in my tracks!!  OMG I was so ill with morning sickness that I could not get off the couch, nor away from the bucket beside me!  And guess what?  At that point, it was time to select paint colours.  I could not even!

But the show had to go on as…while doing up this old beauty, we were living in a glorified caravan.  I shit you not, it was so small that it only had two walls in it.  We sacrificed so we could live on the property and work on that gem of a house at the same time.  Working as we went with the money we were making…. Anyway…

Back to choosing the colour.  My partner came into the little caravan where I was laying on the couch feeling like I could die, with a test pot (I was so not going to Bunnings with him). He painted a little patch of this colour, Dulux ‘Hakea’ that he chose himself and loved.  It was an olive greeny colour and HOLY SHIT…it made me vomit!  I mean literally.  That colour looked like baby poo and although I was looking forward to my cherub arriving, the nappies and all, I just couldn’t deal with that colour right now. (This is why I bang on about colour and emotion).

It took us 10 years to get that house how we wanted it.  We went through some hard times. We worked our absolute butts off!!  And…then….we SOLD IT!!  It was beautiful!  But we were over it and ready to move on to the next chapter. People asked ‘how can you sell it with all that you did?’  But, it was an easy decision.  Nothing has to be forever.  It was a lesson.  It was character building.  I made the mistakes. It was an experience that made my love for what I do even deeper.  It enables me to relate to you guys and know EXACTLY what you are going through.  I know it’s tough.  I know it’s hard.  I know how you get pushed to a point you never thought you would get to.  But I also know it’s worth it.  I know it’s an amazing accomplishment.  I know that your rewards can be abundant.  AND I know that if you want to progress a lot faster and a lot easier than I did as a rookie, then you can certainly be assured that I made the mistakes so you now don’t have to. I have got your backs babes, I am here to help you achieve greatness and happiness.

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PS… This was a while ago and while design and trends have evolved and I have grown in my career since, I think I did alright for a 20 something new mumma. I was pretty proud of it.  But I am feeling my age….hehe

Oh AND!  I loved my living room with Dulux ‘Hakea’ 😉


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