The simplest perfectly made bed ever!


Ok…this one is for all of you hot babes out there that are a little flustered in how to present the bedrooms for sale or feeling drab in your own home. Picture this….

You are on holiday and you are walking into the holiday home you are about to spend a week in. You open the front door, drop the bags and everyone in the family or your friends are all scattering in different directions checking the joint out! So exciting! You hear excitement from the other rooms ..’.whoa check this out!’ Everyone is choosing their rooms. You are the Boss so of course you get your Master room with ensuite. You walk in, it smells divine. Breathing in the atmosphere, you turn your back to the welcoming bed and fall into it, spreading out like a goddess! “bring me my milk for the bath” (No-one comes but hey…)

How freakin good is this?!! Your home for the next 7 days! Actually, while you sip the champers you just poured ( it’s 10am and…well you are on holidays, no judgement here…) you look around and nod and think of yourself living here…like permanently…like where the hell do I sign?!!!

THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE TO CREATE, when marketing your home for sale!

THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE TO CREATE FOR YOURSELF! A home that feels freakin amazing!!

And do you know what? I will let you in on a little secret. You CAN create it on any budget. ANY! Are you hearing me? Luxury does not always mean expensive.

So.. I am going to tell you how you can achieve it simply. Because I love you like that!!!


The Simplest made bed ever!


First of all, select bed linen that is neutral and goes with the colour scheme of the bedroom and bedroom suite.

Using a white cover and pillows is a fresh and universal start.  Then dress it up by using subtle colours that are drawn from existing art or a contrast.  This can be achieved with extra cushions, pillows and throws.  Oversize throws that flow onto the floor look luxurious and very inviting.


Grey or Beige neutrals with pastel blues, greens or peachy pinks are on point as with the deep richness of Navy, Magenta or Emerald Green.  NOT a mix of these though, it’s either the pastels OR the riches.

Make sure your linen is clean, fresh and pressed.  Then make the bed by using either of these two methods;

a)  Pull the cover to the head of the bed keeping it seamless.  Arrange pillows formally, larger ones at the back and smaller to the front.  Keep them upright and one in front of the other.  The throw should then lay formally folded across the bed near the foot.  Think square lines and symmetry.


b)  Pull the cover back and fold over.  Arrange pillows in a purposeful casual way starting with the biggest at the back.  You can then layer any size and colour in a mix of comfort.  The throw can be carelessly thrown over the end of the bed to create playfulness and prettiness.

Remember to play with the styles and see what works best with the style of bedhead you have.  DON’T over do it with the cushions.  One or two small ones with 4 pillows is best.

Dress the bedside tables with a candle and a little vase of fresh flowers and you will have a gorgeous space that appeals to most.


PS…remember… not everyone loves Frozen and Spiderman.  Change the cover to neutral for the Open House so skater boy Tom digs his potential new room too.  Send out the good vibes to Mum n Dad.

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