I chose Brave…


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I have recently changed circumstances that were HUGE. I have taken two massive leaps of faith in the last two years because I chose BRAVE!   The first one was to change my business and delve into it with everything I had to make it work.  You see, I have been designing and helping people for just on 10 years and I have built it around bringing up my babies so it hasn’t always been full time.  On and off it has, but mostly I have fit it in with schedules of kinda and school and house wifey stuff. I also had part time jobs to be my passive income when things were a little quiet. So almost two years ago, when my kids were older and settled into school and needed me less, I had this yearning to build my business and change it so it was a reflection of the way I wanted to help people and not be governed by the protocols of the businesses I was subcontracted to.  I saw a huge gap between what people wanted and what people got.  There were many reasons for this.  Sometimes it was miscommunication, sometimes unreasonable expectations, sometimes it was not having confidence.  I wanted to fix this.  I knew I could fix this.  I knew that if I worked with people in a way that was completely authentic and honest that I could guide them in the right direction from the get go.  I could help them with their mindset and achieve greatness to the best of each circumstance.  I could help them find their happiness.  It was all I could think about.  I was frustrated seeing unhappy and deflated people.  It mad me angry and sad at the same time and if you hear me speak of it, you will know there is a deep rooted passion there and it doesn’t go away. So I jumped.  I quit my passive income job and got myself a mentor.  Do you know what?  It changed my life!!  I was like a bird let out of a cage.  I had all these ideas and inspirations and LOADS of motivation to help people!  It was the best decision I have ever made.  Once upon a time I would have been too scared to make such a move without a safety net underneath to catch me. To walk the tightrope of the unknown not trust that I would make it and be ok. It would have been easier to just climb down the ladder and stay on the ground and look up above at those daring adventurous few that were OK while walking and balancing and moving forward, taking the chance. Looking at them with envy.  Envy of them living.  Like really living.  But this time, there was something in my belly that knew that it needed to be now.  If I was to live…like really live…then I needed to trust it and go for it.  Because if you want something to really happen and you don’t have that safety net…you make it happen!

So now, I am doing it!  I am helping people with all my knowledge and experience and doing so with love and want for them to have what they are seeking.  I am shaping my life the way I want it by helping others shape theirs.  The FREEDOM to serve people who I want to serve and to build my own empire and paradise is so empowering.  I am still growing and building.  AND to think that I could’ve easily not done this!  I would never know what it feels like to feel fulfilled like this.  I would never know how it is to run my business from the heart and feel in my core the contentment that I am true to myself and true to my clients.  That how I am, is exactly me.

When I stood outside one evening with the most amazing sunset to stare into and ask for a sign… I didn’t get one.  But I chose Brave.  It served me well. I am REALLY living.

Oh and ps… Second leap of faith coming soon.

Much love

Shonah B  xoxo



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