Is being on top really what you desire?

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Why are we always striving to be at the top of the game? To have the best? What happens when we get there? There is only one way to go from there. That is dangerous thinking and we are living precariously through others with a narrow view of what success really means.

When we regard our success as being the best we are losing ourselves to societies expectations. Granted…being acknowledged for your great work and complimented on your creativity is a wonderful feeling and it certainly contributes to our happiness. However, I see two things that are apparent. The ‘top’ is scary and it can be both achievable or in-achievable depending on circumstance. Those that are fortunate enough to have the funds to create a luxurious abode are able to do so and they do….to the detriment of their own personal style, to the detriment of what lights them up inside. It is like they are choosing concepts based on what the money should look like. What ‘it’ represents. Not ‘who’.

Then on the other side of the coin, sometimes reaching the top seems so unattainable, you think why bother? You stay in that place that is neither who you are or where you want to be.

But the ‘top’ is only measured by idealism. From early ages, the possessions determined the levels of success and stardom. Artists that felt the pressure of always being better than their last piece went crazy. Authors that could not write another book after the huge success of their last, surrendered themselves to a life of fear to fail, so gave in and never lived their passion. And never wrote another book. Its all relative. Regardless of possessions, success…we all feel the pressure of the top and we never really get there. We are never really happy but we are all capable of a fulfilling life full of inspiration, idea’s, creative genius, wonderment, exploration and love. It is there on every individual level.

Imagine if you decided that all you had to do was get to know yourself and love her. Be proud of her. Let her be open to opportunities. Let her decide what is best for her. To be unapologetic about being the woman she wants to be. To let go of the opportunities that came and went but grab hold of the ones you are ready for. To let her smile at the lessons of the falls, to know that failure is not a thing. That the fear is stopping you from being wild and free with ideas. What if you could style your home so that all your senses are completely romanced and your feelings are playfully free to dance. You don’t need the trophy of the best styled home in your town or among your friends. It won’t make you happy. In fact you will never be satisfied. You will keep buying things in order to get there. You will keep trying to get on top. But as the wise Alan Watts once said ‘It’s all wretch and no vomit’ you never really get there.

Or maybe you think you can’t have anything nice for yourself so you give in. You then begin to feel like you don’t deserve it. But that’s BS. You do. You deserve to feel amazing and beautiful. You are entitled to live a life that is what makes you your truest self.

That is why I’m supporting all of you! That is why I want to help you feel like you have already won the lottery. You can feel abundant right now.

If you are unhappy and want to change it, start making some plans and take some action. If you are unhappy but don’t want to change, you have two choices…change how you feel about it or stay there.

Be free of expectations, beautiful.Β  Just be you!

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Have fun!

Shonah B xoxo


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