Feel free to be unapologetically you



I know it’s easy to doubt yourself when your girlfriends come over and say ‘you should do this’..or ‘it would be better if you did this’ or the dreaded question ‘why did you get that?’.

Not all of our bff’s are like that AND not all are giving their two bobs worth maliciously, sometimes you love their input and value the love they are sharing. Β But you know, there are times when you absolutely LOVE what you have created and where you are headed to only sink in your chair because someone shattered your confidence. Bang. There it all goes. All that soul searching and finding the ‘new you’ comes crashing down and before you know it, you are back where you started.

Please, please, PLEASE don’t let this happen to you now! You are in charge here and you are getting help from someone that knows! I won’t let you make a mistake. Hand on my heart, I promise. But I am not going to tell you how to style without knowing who you are and what your passions are either. That is selfish designing and it bothers me. Nope! We are having none of that. This is your turn to shine bright and live freely!

So my girl, here are some tips on how to handle those awkward situations so that you can feel confident, beautiful and free to be you.

1. If you have someone that you know will give you unsolicited advice, don’t ask them. Instead of saying ‘Do you like it?’, replace that with ‘I am so happy with how this is all feeling and looking, it’s totally me.’ That way your friend is going to support you because you are happy

2. If someone suggests you change something. If it feels like pretty good advice, swallow your pride and thank them and perhaps make the change while they are there. If it doesn’t sit right with you and you feel it’s something that is more about them (what they like), then you can say ‘You always have great idea’s Bec, but I know you won’t mind me saying that I am loving immersing myself in playing with it all and finding what I love, it has been really empowering.’

3. If someone straight up says ‘hmmm not a fan, not really liking it’ then slap them! Ha Ha..no just kidding. That knot that is tightening in your tummy and the heat going to your face… acknowledge it, breathe in deep and come from a place of love for her and say ‘that’s more than OK hon, we are a colourful bunch hey?’ and SMILE because you are owning your style and you are owning YOU. Your friend will probably smile back at you and acknowledge that everything goes deeper and she will love you for it! Bring out the Bubbly!

Remember babe, you are unique and beautiful and when you surround yourself with everything that gives you positive vibes and helps you feel content, confident and happy then go with that! Life is too short to live suppressed and to compare. You have got this!!

Much love to you.

Shonah B xo

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