Who and what is ShonahBstyle?  Well that is me, Shonah B.  I am a dreamer, a doer, a chaser of happiness.  I love change, I love following my dreams and I love helping people be happy and free. I am a chick who is passionate about Interiors. Not only by how amazing they look but it goes a bit deeper. I understand the importance of how a space makes you feel emotionally. How your environment is a part of who you are and how it affects our every day existence, our vibe, our motivation and our self worth. It is pretty eye opening stuff!!

I am a mum and a realist. I drink wine in my gym gear. Ha Ha…sometimes 🙂 I have a healthy lifestyle, but I also like to have a bit of fun. My home is open to all my kids friends and it isn’t unusual to have 6 extra kids sleeping over. I love my space and it is ever evolving because..so am I. We are always growing and changing right? But what I am the most crazy arse passionate about…is HAPPINESS!! Nothing is more important in my book. LOVE and HAPPINESS, because when we have that, our life is full and we can be the best we can be… for ourselves and for our tribe. Cheers to that sista!

I have been working with people with all sorts of budgets to create beautiful spaces for them to call home. Home in the space, AND Home in the heart, the place they WANT to be. Life gets crazy doesn’t it? It’s busy and now more than ever we are needing our own sanctuary to plant our feet, to slow us down, to escape the grind. Holidays are amazing but we shouldn’t have to wait for one to experience paradise!

So this is what I want for YOU! Why? Not for any selfish reason other than it is my purpose. I can do it and I want to do it. I want us all to feel free and happy. I am a bit hippy like that xx

So with my businesswoman hat on, I am an Interior designer, stylist, renovation consultant, helping those that want to strategically design their homes, their investments, their businesses to sell as well as creating peoples forever homes with style and finesse that represents who they are and what they love. I am not limited to homes though, no way…I love dabbling in Commercial spaces and bringing them to life with uniqueness and style.

When I first began consulting, I did it with my knowledge, creativity and skills.  So yep I studied and was an avid renovator! But I soon started to learn the REAL art of designing.  I met all walks of life with different ideas and budgets, not to mention care factors!  From the blokes that just wanted their shed and left the home design to the Mrs, to those that wanted the dream home, to the newlyweds that were so sweet ‘whatever you want babe’,  to those that fought over every decision.  They were all amazing people and I love each and every one of them as I learnt so much!  So with over 150 clients and their homes under my belt, I learned that the REAL art is helping to make someone happy.  Making their dreams come true.  Guiding them with my knowledge but letting their emotion guide me as well to get what they wanted.  Therefore, I gained sooooo much insight into emotional attachment to homes.  What people feel and desire. Not just a property to buy.  But homes.  Where dreams and memories are made. The importance of it all.  What it actually means to people and sometimes it’s the world!

So why do I want to do this?  Because it is what I am so passionate about.  I get it.  I know it.  I want to share it.  I want YOU to get it right so it’s easier.  I believe in chasing the stars and being happy and I get so much out of helping others to do the same.

Lets create greatness.  For everyone.

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