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What is your home doing to you…

We all want balance and peace at home. A place of serenity and beauty that is a reflection of what you love and what light’s you up inside. But you know it’s not just a want right? It is actually a NECESSITY. For your own well being, your relationships, your grounding. It is not doing anyone any good by having environmental stressors triggering negativity. When grumpiness and annoyance takes over.

If your home is like it has just been hit, if it’s chaotic and drab, your emotions are mirrored by what you see and how you feel where you are standing. By where your feet are planted and the energy you are taking in. It would be great if we had shields and deflectors like Xena Princess Warrior to not give a crap and be resilient to what we see and feel as soon as we walk in the door huh? Well, the truth is, we do.  It’s just that we use them every single day outside of our place of solace. We take on the world with these energy sucking encounters at work, constant driving to and fro, organising the family’s stuff and things they have going on on tight schedules, your friends breakdowns (and their wins) finding time to be there for them, being there for everyone else.  YOU ARE BUSY!  I know some life coaches hate that word because it has a negative connotation.  But the truth is THAT is EXACTLY how we feel! Your shield gives you strength and stamina to face it every day.

However, your home is not the place to be still in battle!  It’s not supposed to feel like this. It is your place to recharge, to soothe, to reclaim yourself! To feel amazing. To connect with your lover, your kids, your fur babies. It is supposed to be the best place on earth. To put the shield down. But if you are like a many other beautiful warriors wearing thin, and you aren’t feelin it, and you still feel like you are running, you need to do something.  You need to take charge and make it a priority.  Take a look around. If things are making you uptight or overwhelmed, things need to change!  It’s time for you to live Sista!!  Like really live!

So…What’s not working here?

Is your dining table a dumping ground? This can have an impact on how we feel. Who wants to cook a nice dinner at 6pm if you have to sort through the mess on the dining table first?!! It doesn’t start the evening off on the right foot huh. Always rushing. Moving stuff from one spot to another (to get to later..), looking at your decor and hating it. Sick of looking at it…all the while wishing you could have that home that looks, smells, feels beautiful. The style that YOU love. The one where you want your girlfriends to come around and envy it. The one where your family feels calm and proud. The one where everything was just so freaking easy to have!  The one where you can be a goddess and float around in your abode, giving everyone in your home the best of you!


Shit is about to get real! This is what you need to do! DECLUTTER!!!!!  Buy some sorting boxes with lids for bills, letters, homework etc. Remove everything YOU DON’T NEED! That hideous print you have on your wall that you hate… remove it! The numerous decorating pieces that were so 10 years ago…let them go!  Those clothes you think will come back in fashion one day?…. they rarely do. You haven’t worn them for years anyway right?  Could you see yourself wearing it again?  It is just taking up space that could actually be used for the things we want to put away, but have no storage room for because it’s full of stuff we don’t want, need or use!  Don’t worry babe, I’m sooo not judging here. All of us do it.  All of us feel this way in one way or another. But I can promise you this.  If you get some organisation in place, hone in on your style and decorate your space to be a reflection of what you adore and fill your home with love that is from within you, you WILL feel the weight start to lift. You will feel like the goddess.  You will feel the right energy surrounding you and your precious people. Get some balance and zen. It works miracles.

And instead of being BUSY… learn to love your life so you feel FULL.  Full of happiness, full of giving and full of self preservation and self worth.  You are AMAZING, never stop believing that.  Turn your home into the place that mirrors that.  For you.  For them.



Life isn’t all Beer and Skittles

So here is the thing…. I actually get the pain, the blood, sweat and tears you experience when you are renovating or an owner builder.  I actually get how hard it is to achieve things when life gets in the way.  Yeah I have a designer badge and I can help make people’s dreams come alive, but it wasn’t just because I studied and had a great job as a designer/colour consultant for major building companies.  It was also because renovating and building my dream home was my passion and with that I rolled my sleeves up and I did it.  I spent hours pulling up carpet nails from all the floorboards in every room. I spent months stripping back windows and weatherboards with a heat gun and a full on industrial breathing mask on that looked like I was straight out of Ghost busters….yep it was that hideous.  I wanted to give up.  I wanted to cry…actually I did cry.  I pulled down walls with a rope (at a distance)..I cleaned up mouse and pigeon shit from rafters, I broke nails, got sun burnt, forgot to eat and had many blews with my partner as we were trying to live the dream.  We had a vision with this old 1890’s cedar brick home, that it was going to be so beautiful and to be our forever home.  Some nights sitting on the verandah beams that were to be stripped and repainted with a nice sunset and a beer in our hand looking over our work for the day, it felt good.  I felt like I was accomplishing some days.  However, other days I just wanted to say ‘F*@k This!’ and quit!

Half way through, I found out I had a little beautiful surprise growing inside and that stopped me in my tracks!!  OMG I was so ill with morning sickness that I could not get off the couch, nor away from the bucket beside me!  And guess what?  At that point, it was time to select paint colours.  I could not even!

But the show had to go on as…while doing up this old beauty, we were living in a glorified caravan.  I shit you not, it was so small that it only had two walls in it.  We sacrificed so we could live on the property and work on that gem of a house at the same time.  Working as we went with the money we were making…. Anyway…

Back to choosing the colour.  My partner came into the little caravan where I was laying on the couch feeling like I could die, with a test pot (I was so not going to Bunnings with him). He painted a little patch of this colour, Dulux ‘Hakea’ that he chose himself and loved.  It was an olive greeny colour and HOLY SHIT…it made me vomit!  I mean literally.  That colour looked like baby poo and although I was looking forward to my cherub arriving, the nappies and all, I just couldn’t deal with that colour right now. (This is why I bang on about colour and emotion).

It took us 10 years to get that house how we wanted it.  We went through some hard times. We worked our absolute butts off!!  And…then….we SOLD IT!!  It was beautiful!  But we were over it and ready to move on to the next chapter. People asked ‘how can you sell it with all that you did?’  But, it was an easy decision.  Nothing has to be forever.  It was a lesson.  It was character building.  I made the mistakes. It was an experience that made my love for what I do even deeper.  It enables me to relate to you guys and know EXACTLY what you are going through.  I know it’s tough.  I know it’s hard.  I know how you get pushed to a point you never thought you would get to.  But I also know it’s worth it.  I know it’s an amazing accomplishment.  I know that your rewards can be abundant.  AND I know that if you want to progress a lot faster and a lot easier than I did as a rookie, then you can certainly be assured that I made the mistakes so you now don’t have to. I have got your backs babes, I am here to help you achieve greatness and happiness.

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PS… This was a while ago and while design and trends have evolved and I have grown in my career since, I think I did alright for a 20 something new mumma. I was pretty proud of it.  But I am feeling my age….hehe

Oh AND!  I loved my living room with Dulux ‘Hakea’ 😉


The Colour Phenomenon…

…is inconsistency!  Yep it’s sometimes precarious.  One colour painted in 6 different homes will look like 6 different colours!  Not only does colour change in different lights as we know, but can vary from brand to brand, even when using formula’s.  This is why I always trust my paint guy.  The guy that has been mixing formula’s for 20 years.  Or the dude at the paint shop who is passionate about paint!  You can usually tell because they ask questions about what you desire and will be consistent with their knowledge.

Don’t let this worry you…pfft you have so got this.  So here are a few quick tips to help you select the right colour for you as well as a short video to show you why it is important not to take short cuts and choose off a paint card.


  • Always look at paint swatches/test painted surface outside (not in direct sunlight) as it will give you a true indication of the colour – particularly if you are choosing exterior paint!  Fluorescent lights change things dramatically.
  • Always choose a colour that YOU are drawn to.  Don’t be talked into going for a neutral light colour so your room will appear larger.  If you want dark…go dark!  Make bold courageous decisions based on your taste and style.  Who care’s if your room will look cosy?  That’s beautiful!
  • Always take your time deciding.  It can be a costly mistake.
  • Always ask an expert if you are unsure, that is what we love, that is what we do, that is why we do it, to help you…because we love making you feel happy!!

So here is the vid. Just click the link… catchya!

Watch Video Here

Just take the damn break!

If you are anything like me, you tend to keep going and going to get things done.  You put yourself under extreme pressure to make everything perfect.  You are so hard on yourself and so when that creative block comes, and trust me it happens to everyone, you are so frustrated!  Your head is foggy, you feel like it can’t fit anymore information in and it’s so damn crammed, you can’t get information out either!  You can feel your body warming up, you are a bit hot under the collar.  In fact you are starting to snap at the kids, at your mum on the phone, at your friend who is only trying to help, at the dog who keeps wanting love from you but can’t it see you are trying to make a creative decision here!!!  Would everyone just please go away!

This my friend is so normal for high achievers.  But guess what?  You need to take the break!  That one you have been putting off because you don’t have time. You are not getting anywhere!  You need to recharge, regroup, declutter the mind. You cannot make the right decisions when you are in a frenzy!

So if you are in the paint shop or the tile shop trying to make a selection, or you are choosing curtains, or working out furniture layouts….whatever it is and you are feeling like you are going in circles and you have that massive block….Go take the damn break!!!

Be in control.  This is supposed to be fun.  Don’t let it take your creativity away from you and have you making hasty decisions because you are done.  Breathe lovely.  This is going to be amazing if you take your time.  Ask for help if you need it, but please don’t make a decision when you are shitty!  A shitty decision makes for a shitty space.





Budgets, function and style

Ever bought cheap furniture before because you can’t stand the thought of spending money on something like a table when you could put that money towards something else? Did that piece of furniture turn to crap very quickly, leaving you with a wonky, unstable and now ‘cheap’ looking piece that gives you the absolute shits each time you go to use it? Is it really reflective of your style and how you want your home to feel?  Because!  To be honest, this happens all the time and people feel disharmony within their homes because things just..aren’t…working!!!! The one thing I tell people is this…You should really spend your money on the items you will use every day.  For example, your bed, your dining table and chairs and your sofa.  It is absolutely necessary to have quality with these things for a number of reasons.  Comfort for one!  This is where you congregate for meals and conversation, to lounge on to read, cuddle, watch tv…your downtime and there are a lot of reasons why you need a good bed. We all know them right?  (or maybe that is another blog for later 😉 )

So what do you budget on?  The other things that won’t get used as much.  The things that are cheap to replace should you need to.  The thing is, you won’t need to be replacing them as often as your items that you use everyday, they will last a while and they can look bloody amazing!!  Things like side tables, lamps, decorative pieces, occasional chairs.  There are many many items you can save money on and work them so they are still stylish and functional.  You can style on any budget.  But you need to make some smart choices on function.  Just remember you do get what you pay for.  Buying cheap will sometimes cost you.IMG_0867

Keep what you love, let go of the stuff!

Are you wondering where the heck do you start?  You know you need to de-clutter, there is stuff everywhere!  Your dining table looks like a dumping ground, actually it is a dumping ground!  If you look around your home, how much ‘stuff’ are you holding on to?  It is filling your home with clutter and every surface is full!  This has a massive impact on how you feel!  If your home is not functioning and looking how you dreamed it to be, it’s time to change that!  It can impact on how we interact with our co-habitors, the ones we love.

Time for change!

Fill your home with the things you LOVE!  So many of us hold onto ‘stuff’ for the sake of it.  It is too hard to throw it away, or move it on.  Remember it is not wasted if it goes to a new home, but you can’t hold onto things just because they are things!  If it doesn’t fit, doesn’t work, or if it’s just plain ugly…move that baby on!  You don’t want it really do you?  To sit there gathering dust and adding to your chaos. Be ruthless and ditch it!  You will feel amazing and bit by bit your home is going to feel freakin beautiful, full of the things you love and is a true reflection of who you are and how you and your family feel.

Find your style and stick to it!  It is supposed to feel like the best place on earth!!



What are the differences with prints?

This is something a few of my clients have asked over the years as some would like Art hanging that is unique, others just like what they like and aren’t too phased if it’s printed by the masses.  There is no right or wrong in design either.  If it works and it looks good, then it doesn’t really matter, it is personal.

Prints are reproductions of original art using different methods but usually done by the artist themselves.  Generally, they will have limited editions of these prints to keep them rare and to have added value.  They may also be signed by the artist adding that little bit of extra authenticity.  Open editions, however, are just that.  Reproduced on a bigger scale, keeping the cost down for the consumer.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with an open edition print.  It just let’s most of us enjoy art on our walls that we can afford.

Posters are obviously cheap as they are printed with low quality ink so can fade within two years or so.  Keep that in mind when hanging something you really love.  It is worth spending that extra $ on a print.  But whatever you do, make it look stylish yeah?

Art is so variable in cost, however no matter how low or how high the price tag, it makes an amazing statement to your home!  I am a fan of oversize pieces!  Love them!

Embrace Art.  Go visit your local gallery, there is amazing stuff out there!!