Delisse Lazarra – VIC


I absolutely loved Shonah’s workshop. I was so unsure about what my style was and how to put it together. Now I’m more confident about what to buy for my house. Shonah also taught me how important it is to have a tidy space and how good it makes you feel. It’s made such a difference and I feel really connected to my space. I would definitely suggest working with Shonah. She knows everything there is to know about style and how to make it simple.

Tavia Rankin – SA


I went to Shonah for help with styling my entrance, I couldn’t decide what to do with the space and I was too scared to buy anything for fear of regretting my purchase. Shonah made the whole process so easy, she gave me furniture options to suit my taste and styling tips to make it pop. I am so in love with my space and I have NO buyers remorse!